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In today's mobile world your website and the web design process need to have a Mobile First Approach to ensure your website can be seen and used easily and effectively on any sized device. This can be a desktop, laptop, small tablet, phablet or a traditional smart phone. It does not matter the size, your site needs to fit their screen.

To make your website even more mobile friendly it needs to load quickly. Our Web Design process takes this very seriously. You can check your current website's mobile speeds here.


Most importantly to you as a business owner or someone on a budget is you need a great price on your new website or redesign. At Hofford Digital we will show you the difference in your Needs vs Wants for your website to help you come up with best solution for your website and your budget.

How your website is designed and built will have a long lasting impact on your SEO. If you are trying to focus on Local SEO then you will need to keep that in mind during the planning process!

a Mobile First Design

Every website should function and load just as well and as quickly (if not better) on a mobile device as it does on a traditional desktop computer.

Over 50% of website traffic now comes from mobile devices and that trend will only continue to grow until the point where the difference between a mobile device and a desktop became lost or minimal.

Think for a second what YOU do when you visit a website that does not load quickly. You leave.

That is why you need to have mobile web design as your priority when it comes to actually planning and designing your next website.

SEO For Your Website

From the beginning design and planning process for your web design we put SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the top of the list. This includes the mobile first design process.

Websites that are mobile friendly are by nature more SEO friendly. In addition to the mobile first design we also ensure that your web design includes the proper tags and codes to help rank your website from the start.

There are many other factors that go into SEO, but you need to have a website that is built to work well in an ever increasingly competitive SEO world. Everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google and Bing, but only a select few are designed to do so.

The images and videos included on your website are also prepared for SEO and in particular Local SEO thanks to geographic data that is inserted by our team. This allows search engines to know what exact city or town you are trying to target your content for.

An example below shows how we apply the Longitude and Latitude coordinates to any image file to accomplish this.

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