Law Firm SEO

The Definitive Guide To Search Engine Optimization For Lawyers

How to Grow Your Law Firm with SEO that Finds and Attracts Qualified Clients and Referral Sources on Search Engines Such As Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Are you in need of more Law Firm clients and SEO help?

Don't hesitate to contact Hofford Digital to improve or to start your law firm's SEO campaign. We have helped many people in the same situations as you're probably in. The first step is contacting us. All of our contracts are month to month!  No need to worry about getting stuck in a contract that does not deliver results for your Law Firm.

The Problem

Most lawyers and law office managers have been promised great results and new clients from multiple digital marketing companies in the past for their Law Firm SEO packages, but have usually been left burned or disappointed in the results or lack there of.

The Solution

The first solution to your problem is Hofford Digital's transparent approach. Before any digital marketing or SEO campaigns begin or a payment is made you will have a full disclosure of where and how your money is being spent. As an added benefit all of our contracts are month to month with No Cancellation Fees!

SEO Philosophy

We are a small business just like you. The challenges you face on a day to day basis are the same for us. Your Law Firm deserves an SEO Company that gets it.

You do not have an unlimited marketing budget. Hofford Digital will work with you to reach your goals within your budget. Our SEO Plans start at $750 per month and go from there.

Keep in mind that $750 is the minimum starting budget. Your particular market may require more in order to rank your website higher. The keywords you wish to rank for will also affect your budget.

For this reason Hofford Digital may recommend targeting less competitive keywords in order to increase your organic and referral traffic to get things started and then move on to the more competitive keywords once results have been proven.

Why Hofford Digital For Your Law Firm's SEO?

We keep it simple.

If a company cannot explain to you in simple terms what they are doing with your money then they do not fully understand what they are actually doing for you.

Your budget and how it is spent will be clearly explained and outlined until you are 100% satisfied and confident that your law firm is getting the best results for the money.

As mentioned before all of our contracts are month to month. If any of our clients are not happy with our work they are free to cancel at anytime with no questions asked.

Having worked with multiple industries including law firms, Hofford Digital has experience with many different SEO issues and knows how to solve the challenges when they occur and how to avoid them completely!


How Long Will SEO Take To Rank My Law Firm?

The amount of time that it takes for your efforts or investment to start paying off depends on the intensity of effort or resources that you bring to bear. By following an aggressive and strategic content-focused SEO plan, in the absence of previous bad SEO practices on a law firm’s website your SEO results can occur quickly. Some of our clients have seen new clients in their first month and others that saw consistence SEO results in their third month and beyond.

law firm seo

There are many factors that will determine when, and to what extent, your law firm’s SEO efforts will pay off. These include:

  • The amount of content on your website.
  • The quality of content on your website.
  • The uniqueness of your content.
  • The architecture of your website.
  • The structure of your content.
  • The ease of use of your website.
  • Your website's speed
  • The competitiveness of your market.
  • How narrow or broad your geographic targeting is.
  • The complexity or simplicity of your website

In short, creating a sustainable web presence using organic SEO takes time. Attorneys who understand this, who are patient, and who don’t fall for quick-fixes and shortcuts end up winning in the long run. Plain and simple.


“SEO is not rocket science. It is very much like a workout routine for your website. Stick to the plan and see the results.”

― John Hofford

Understanding Your Law Firm SEO

As a Lawyer you have multiple educational prerequisites and qualifications. You and your colleagues must pass the regular bar exam, the ethics portion, and the character and fitness screening to become licensed. You all have regular CLE requirements. You and your Law Firm pay bar dues. You must maintain at least a minimum standard of ethical conduct and competence to remain licensed. It’s not perfect system, but as a regulated profession, consumers have a right to expect a minimum level of competence and professionalism when they hire an attorney, and they have regulatory recourse when those standards are not met or neglected.

Enter the world of SEO providers. The SEO industry is full of highly skilled and ethical professionals as well as some bad actors and characters, inexperienced  "pros" and former marketing consultants pretending like they know what is going on.

It can be very difficult to tell them apart. SEO providers are subject to no regulatory or ethical constraints, and there are no prerequisites to entering the business or calling themselves SEO experts.

In fact, they don’t even need a website, or an office. And an SEO “professional” who services lawyers has no obligation to understand the rules of professional conduct nor the fact that using “keyword optimized” synonyms for legal terms of art can fundamentally alter their meaning and cause the attorney serious ethical problems.

For example each state has a set of guidelines regulating the words and sayings that can or cannot be used in marketing or presenting yourself and your law firm. Our Law Firm SEO campaigns take these rules into account on day 1.

Hofford Digital uses a self created SEO Training program. This SEO education and training program consists of the best SEO courses and training resources in the world. For this reason all of our employees and contractors ONLY know the right way to implement SEO for any business including your law firm.