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If you want to rank higher in Dallas Local SEO market or would like to expand your business outside of Dallas we can help. At Hofford Digital we love seeing our clients succeed and will help you to come up with the best Local SEO strategy that fits your budget and meets your goals. Plus, you will be working with a fellow Texas owned and operated business.

It's like getting your chips'n salsa plus queso and guacamole for the same price.

Let's Start With The Basics Of Dallas Local SEO

The most visible part about ranking well in any Local SEO market is how you appear on Google Maps (also known as Google My Business), Yelp, Bing Places and on Facebook with your reviews.

If you are not appearing on these 4 major platforms you need to stop what you are doing and fix it ASAP. Or hire an SEO Company like Hofford Digital to do it.

In addition to these 4 platforms there are numerous other local directories that you should register with, but you have to start somewhere so the 4 mentioned before is where you should start.

Dallas Local SEO

How To Rank Higher on Google, Bing and Yahoo! With Dallas Local SEO

You should consider adding SEO services as part of your digital marketing strategy so that potential new customers and clients can discover your brand or business and so that your competition does not steal yours.

What is the first thing we do when we have a problem or need an answer to something? We Google it.

By appearing on the first page of Google you will be the first answer to a potential customer's question or problem. That is why we Google things. To solve a problem, answer a question or to find who can do those things for us.
In addition to ranking higher on the Dallas Local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) you will also be able to gain valuable information about your website visitors through your Google Analytics account. Information includes consumer interests, demographics including income levels, age, gender and location where they are visiting your website from. Endless amounts of data awaits you inside of a properly set up Google Analytics account.
Not sure if your Analytics is properly set up? We can help with that. It is a standard service for all of our SEO clients. It also available as a stand alone service and consultation. Having the right data in front of you or your SEO Expert will assist in making smarter and more accurate decisions regarding all of your digital marketing efforts. Especially your Local Dallas SEO campaigns.

What Affects Your Local Dallas SEO Results?

There Are Over 200 Factors That Go Into SEO

Links, Links and More Links - you need high quality and high authority links connecting to your website in order to increase your own website's authority. Links like this are known as Backlinks. We know how to build these connections and how to avoid the bad ones. Your goal will be to constantly adding new ones that point to your website in different ways. Google analyzes where, when and how these links are acquired and if they are relevant to your website. If they are relevant and come from a high authority website then Google rewards your website by moving you up in the rankings.
Think of your backlinks as the star Quarterback and Running Back. If they both go down your season is lost.
Original and Great Content - Informing your website's visitor is the key to creating great content. We will find the right keywords and create all new and all original content specifically for your website and brand to help deliver value to your visitors. This can be in the form of articles (blogs), new website pages dedicated to a subject, infographics and more. Anything that adds value to your website visitors' experience.
Website Structure and Speed - Your Local SEO rankings can be lowered or increased dramatically by how you structure your website, its content and format. Additionally, the amount of time it takes to load your website in a browser (especially a mobile browser) is very important to Google. SEO strategies in Dallas or anywhere need to have a Mobile First approach. Meaning your website looks good, feels good and loads quickly for everyone on every device.
You wouldn't want your football team or business to be slow and unorganized. Neither should your website.
Relevant Keywords - the keywords you choose to rank for can be more general such as "plumber in Dallas" or it can be what we call a long tail keyword like "plumber open 24 hours in Dallas". The more detailed or "long tailed" the easier it is to rank and gain an advantage over your competition who are more focused on the more general terms. Most of the time. During your account set up these long tail keywords will be identified and presented to you after a thorough analysis of their ability to rank and the likelihood they will bring your website meaningful traffic.
Technical SEO - the code(s) hiding in the background on your website play an important role in informing search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo about the other content and information on your website besides only the text. Each image should have proper tags associated with them and the page structure and layout should be clearly readable for the search engines to determine what is the most important and least important part of your page. Telling Google what your priority is will allow you to rank your website quicker than by not telling it.
The head coach can't make adjustments if the players and other coaches are not providing him with feedback.
The Google Search Console - this is the gatekeeper of information about your website and how users search and find your website. It provides additional information not found inside of your Google Analytics unless you have already linked them. If you have an Analytics account you need to go ahead and link the two. If not, we can help you with this process. Hofford Digital uses the data and best practices guidelines from the Google Search Console to verify your Dallas Local SEO campaigns are meeting their full potential.

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