Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing are the paid ads that you see on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This form of digital marketing delivers instant traffic and phone calls to your business. You only pay when a person clicks on your ad.

93% of Buyers do their research online before making a purchase. That means you need to be in front of your clients before they make their decision of where to make their purchase.

If you want the NOW satisfaction of seeing and hearing your marketing dollars at work, this is the option for you.

In many cases these ads can lead to new customers today. When using a smartphone they will have the option to "Click to Call" your business right away to set up an appointment. This is an extremely helpful and effective method of marketing.

Trust but verify. In addition to tracking your results through Google Analytics we also use detailed call tracking so that you can verify the leads and the quality of customers that are being generated.

Unlike other companies and agencies we grant YOU access to your AdWords account so that you can see exactly how much of your money is going to each campaign.

Search Engine Marketing AdWords Real Example


Look Inside Of Your AdWords Account

This is a live example of what your AdWords account will look like. Each business will have different campaigns that focus on your specific services and goods for sale.

You can clearly see which campaigns are delivering results and for which services people are searching and clicking on ads for.

Other industry examples and demos are available.

new dentist adwords account