John Hofford

Founder and Owner of Hofford Digital

Howdy, I'm John Hofford.

Thank you for visiting my company's website and wanting to find out more information about me and my company Hofford Digital. I am very proud to have been able to start and sustain my company over the past several years. It has not always been easy, but it's not supposed to be easy when set out on your own and start any sized company.

I hope that my experiences, knowledge and skills will be able to help serve clients and companies like you and yours in order to successfully grow your own businesses and to become well informed about everything digital.

Who Is John Hofford?

Meet The Hofford Family

John Hofford

As you can see I come from a large, fun and loving family. I have been very blessed and fortunate to have so many great family members in my life. Many of them who I am very close to.  The Hofford Family is made of up of my Mom and Dad, a pair of sisters, tons of cousins, multiple great aunts and uncles, in-laws, out-laws and friends who are as close as family.

A majority of the family is in South Carolina. Charleston, SC is where I was born and raised. Though, the roots to part of our family go back to the origins of Texas.

My great great grand uncle, Robert Campbell, was one of the brave men who fought and died at the battle of The Alamo. You can click on his name to find out more about him and his life, including the part where he fought along side the man, the myth, the legend Davy Crockett. I highly encourage it, especially if you love History as much as I do.

John Hofford

John Hofford : Education

As you have probably noticed by now I wear a lot of orange. This is because I attended Clemson University and have been a lifelong fan. How about those 2016 National Champions? It has been a great era of football at Clemson lately. If you went to Ohio State or are a fan, sorry.

At Clemson I studied Business Management and graduated with a Bachelor of Science. My time at Clemson can never be forgotten and will always be cherished. There is a saying that 'there is something in these hills' and it is true about Clemson. Given the chance you take the trip to visit the campus, attend a football game and grab some the University's famous Blue Cheese. It's a thing, seriously.

My Alma Mater has another great tradition in that we treat each other as family. We call ourselves the Clemson Family. We all love our school, its traditions, its beauty and its essence. This is a characteristic you have to experience to truly understand. My experience as part of the Clemson Family has helped to make me what I am today.

Clemson Family

As if Clemson couldn't get any better, it did. For Christmas going into my senior year I became the proud owner of a chocolate lab named Cash. The runt of his litter and only chocolate he quickly outgrew his siblings and has become a very special dog and addition to our family.

He is named Cash after Johnny Cash, my favorite musician. People always ask me "what's his name?" My answer, I'm Johnny and he's Cash.

Say hello to Hofford Digital's Director of Squirrel Hunting

John Hofford

John Hofford : Additional Education

After college I went to work like everyone else and began what I thought would be a lifelong career in the family business of real estate development. Turns out 2009 was not the best year(s) for that.

Starting in 2011 I began my MBA in Digital Media Management from St. Edward's University in Austin, TX. This was my first time living in and experiencing the state I now call home.

While my experiences and education at St. Edward's University did not match that of Clemson it is still an important part of my life and experiences. Ultimately my exposure to all things digital lead me down the path to where I am today. For that I am forever grateful. Go Hilltopers!

John Hofford Fun Facts

It was during the summer leading up to my first semester at St. Edward's that I embarked on a sailboat race from Charleston to Bermuda and won!

For years my parents, who are avid sailors, had encouraged and asked me to make the trip with them and this time I finally said yes. Glad I did. Not only did our boat win 1st place, but in doing so we defeated comedy icon Stephen Colbert of the Late Show and The Colbert Report.

John Hofford : Work Experience

I have had a tax collectible job since I was 14 years old working as a dock hand at marina in Charleston, SC. Throughout high school and college I continued working at marinas in Charleston much like many of friends did too. One of the work perks was being outside and on the water 24/7. Something I still try to do as often as possible.

After college and before beginning my MBA I worked as a Project Manger at my family's company Bennett Hofford Construction Company.

During graduate school I interned at a tech startup called City Corridor and began to write my first pieces of code and got to watch it come to life. A truly amazing experience.

Right after the internship ended I took on the role of Digital Producer for DentalSmart US. My first role where I was in control of personnel, budgets and results. It was here that I found my passion for digital marketing and helped me to find my path in life after graduation.

May 2013 I left Austin and Texas after graduation to move back to Charleston, SC and started my first company 843 Digital.

843 Digital is/was the same type of company that Hofford Digital is today focusing on digital marketing and website analytics. At the time I was not as prepared or experienced enough to handle the additional workload that comes with starting your own business, like running the business and finding new clients. It was very frustrating to have a passion and a in demand skill set but limited clients.

Because of this I took a job as a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager at PureCars in Atlanta, GA.

My time there was incredibly helpful and eye opening to the world of digital marketing. I was able to learn from some of the greatest minds when it comes to how digital marketing, especially Google AdWords should operate and how to implement the best practices in the real world.

Leaving PureCars was not an easy decision, but it was the decision that had to be made in order to return to Texas and to build my company, Hofford Digital.

February 2015 I moved from Atlanta, GA to Dallas, TX and began down this path of entrepreneurship. Again, I am very fortunate and blessed to have been able to learn from my past mistakes, enhance my skills and to work with so many great companies, organizations and people on a weekly basis.

I hope that at some point I will be able to work with and to guide you down your company's digital path. This may be for Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Website Analytics, Consulting or anything else you have questions about.

When you are ready please feel free to contact me with your questions no matter what they may be.

John Hofford Fun Facts Pt. 2

More recently, in June 2017 I was able to join a group to perform a Mission Trip to Japan. The experience of going back to Japan and to meet so many amazing people was well worth the 15 hour flights, long delays at the airports and the sacrifice of taking time off from work. I was able to meet many families and the one we lived with for 2 weeks, they asked us to start calling them "Uncle" and "Aunt". I promised to return to their small town of Tochigi and plan to in 2018.

John Hofford