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Google AdWords Consultant

Here Are Three (3) Quick Tips From a Google AdWords Consultant

  1. Don't Trust Google - The AdWords platform will offer "suggestions" for how to improve your AdWords performance. These are usually lies disguised as tips to encourage you to spend more money. Google is a for-profit business.
  2. Know what Your goals and other KPIs are before you begin building your Google AdWords campaigns. Otherwise you are not building towards succeeding at your own goals.
  3. The sales pitch about Geofencing is a lie. The smallest targeted geographic area anyone using AdWords can assign is a 1 kilometer radius. This is probably the #1 BS sales pitch sold every day as a reason to use a company for their Google AdWords services over the competition. Sales people gotta sell.

Why Do I Need A Google AdWords Consultant?

Consider hiring a Google AdWords Consultant and Expert for multiple reasons.

A single mistake or oversight in your AdWords account can cost you thousands of dollars in a single day or less. The best example of this financial pitfall in Google AdWords is your geographic settings. By default Google thinks your campaign should target the entire world. Thanks Google.

The Google AdWords managers and experts who have been running campaigns for several years will all admit to having made that mistake before. Sometimes you can get lucky and catch it before your news ads have been approved. Other times your daily budget disappears in 5 minutes or less.

Do not target the entire globe and do not fall for any of Google's other traps that they have set throughout their AdWords ecosystem. Google is in the profit making sector. Their profits come from your budgets. You = Money

As your Google AdWords Consultant and Certified Expert, a member of the Hofford Digital company will walk you through a checklist of items to ensure that you are not falling for any of Google's other traps.

After a consultation you will not need to pay for a software program or any other paid Google AdWords management subscription service in order to achieve excellent results. Once you understand how Google and Google AdWords "think" then you will be in control.

This consultation will end up saving yourself and your company a lot of time and money by getting a second opinion from a Google Adwords Consultant who has been building and testing new Google AdWords account strategies for years with great success.

Google AdWords Consultant

One Reason To Hire Us As Your Google AdWords Consultant

We Don't Want To Spend Your Money

The goal is not to spend your money. The goal is to meet your objectives. Many AdWords agencies or account managers there number one goal is to spend your monthly budget and to come up with reasons or justifications as to why you should spend more money.

Why is that? Either their company is a Google Premiere Partner or they are trying desperately to become one. When a company reaches this level of monthly spend (your money) they then qualify for a kickback from Google. Yup, they receive a certain % of the monthly spend that you are helping to fund.

Hofford Digital's goal is help you obtain leads or to increase sales. We do not want to spend ridiculously high amounts on clicks. If we can find a way for your account to NOT SPEND money then that is our goal. Instead of bidding on the most popular and most expensive keywords we will try to find alternative keywords to help maximize your budget.

Google AdWords Consultant

Your Google AdWords Consultant Options

AdWords Consultation Fees Are $100 Per Hour

Google AdWords Review

New AdWords Account

  • You have an existing AdWords account or have already begun to build one out.
  • We will schedule a time to meet and screen share in order to deep dive your current AdWords account(s) and campaigns.
  • Going down a checklist of items we will make sure your account is properly tailored for your goals. Don't hold back on what your objectives are. Also do not be afraid to ask for suggestions about what your goals should be for your industry.
  • Everything from custom account settings to the type of keywords and bidding methods will be covered.
  • Follow up reviews can be scheduled as well. Generally clients like to do another review after 3-4 weeks of data in their new Google AdWords account.
  • You do not have an AdWords account running currently or you want to start fresh with a greenfield project.
  • These meetings can either be by phone or online with screen sharing.
  • New AdWords accounts will need more time for collecting all the relevant information from you and then to develop an outline for how the account should be built.
  • You will have the option of taking the information discussed and building the account yourself or having Hofford Digital do it for you.
  • If approved, Hofford Digital will build the new AdWords account, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad copy, links, ad extensions and overall settings as you requested.
  • Turn around time for a new Google AdWords account build out can be 1-7 days. It is going to depend on the size and scope of your account.

Not sure which type of Google AdWords Consultation you need? No problem. We can discuss and assess your current situation during the initial strategy meet and greet at no cost to you or business.

Before any consultation begins it is Hofford Digital's policy to have a 15 minute phone call to make sure that this is the right decision for both parties.

If Hofford Digital is not the right consultant for you then we will do our best to help you find someone who is.

Benefits Of Using A Google AdWords Consultant

Instant Cost Savings

Increased Performance

  • Google sets a lot of traps for you inside of the AdWords ecosystem. We'll show them to you and how to avoid them.
  • Identify the campaigns, ad groups, keywords or locations that are draining your budget. By stopping a single problem that costs $100 this month you can save over $1,200 per year.
  • Highlight the over performing areas in your account and use that as a guide to fix the other areas.
  • Lower your Cost Per Conversions (Goals and Leads)
  • Raise your CTR and your Quality Scores To Assist In Lowering Your Final Bid or CPC
  • Increase your impression share over the competition
  • Watch your CTR (click through rate) steadily increase
  • When CTRs increase your Conversions will follow
  • Narrow your targets down to the ones most likely to convert a goal on your website
  • Attribute Leads From Google AdWords (Phone calls and Form Submissions)
  • Sync and Link AdWords data inside Analytics the right way
  • Most organizations have an incorrect setup of their Analytics accounts and are basing their decisions on Bad Data.

Questions About Google AdWords Consultant Services

Why Is Hofford Digital Better?

  1. Having worked at the big agencies and digital media companies our team of Certified Google AdWords Experts know the inner workings of Google and the AdWords platform. In addition, we know where and how the big marketing companies are ripping you off. Let us show you.
  2. It's not work if you're having fun. Our team loves what we do. Building and improving AdWords accounts brings us joy. Call us nerds but it's the truth.
  3. Real people, in the United States. No outsourcing ever. When you call you will speak directly with one of us. Unless you call after hours then you may get a voicemail.
  4. A majority of our new business is from referrals. By doing an excellent job for you or any other business we hope to leave a lasting impression that will encourage you to say great things about our work.
  5. Keep it simple. One of the reasons we are hired to be Google AdWords Consultants is because we can simplify the complex workings of AdWords.
  6. Flexible and easy to work with. If you need 5 extra minutes to cover a subject during a call we're not going to charge you for another hour or half hour. Your time and money is valuable and our goal is maximizing that value.
  7. Not a Marketing Company. The traditional marketing companies that jumped on the digital bandwagon still don't get it. There are always some crossover metrics, but platforms like Google AdWords outperform and can out-measure their traditional media counterparts like TV, Radio and Print.
  8. Can Hofford Digital manage my AdWords account(s)? The answer is yes. There is a flat $450 per month management fee for each Search account with monthly budgets up to $9,999. After that it becomes 7% of the monthly budget. A $10,000 per month budget = $700 in management fees. This pricing includes call tracking and monthly reporting.
  9. All our management services are month to month. No long term contracts. Just like Netflix you can cancel anytime without a fee or penalty.
  10. Transparency for your money. Always connect your AdWords account to your Google Analytics to track the account data and the account dollars spent. This way you can trust but verify that you are not being ripped off and that you are getting the most for your money.