How To Get A Free SSL Certificate

Upgrade Your Website Security to HTTPS

In the not too distant future (sometime in 2017) Google is going to begin penalizing websites and their Search Results Rankings that do not have an SSL Certificate for their domain. This SSL Certificate will normally cost anywhere from $40 - $100 per year depending on your hosting provider or website manager.

You can get a free SSL Certificate by going to Lets Encrypt.

Once you are on the site it will provide with all the information you need to obtain the certificate and how to verify your website. It is 100% Free. You are welcome to donate money to their organization, but not required to. They are going to be saving you money every year and preventing you from dropping in the organic search results (Your SEO).

How To Get A Free SSL Certificate

Once you have completed the process of obtaining your Free SSL Certificate you can verify that it is in place and properly set up by looking at your browser window and noticing the "Secure" symbol next to your or any domain name.

How To Get A Free SSL Certificate

How Does An SSL Certificate Affect My SEO?

SSL Certificates Show Trust and Security

Google and the other search engines are really big on trust. If Google and Bing do not trust your website then your SEO efforts and money will become wasted.

For the same reason why we do not trust a random person in public or who knocks on our door claiming to be a police officer. We will ask to see some proof, usually a badge or another credential. Now we can begin to trust this person and will give them information.

When search engines do not trust your website they will not share your site's information on their search results. Despite it being the best information ever. Do yourself and your company or organization's website a favor and get your free SSL Certificate today or this week. Upgrading your website security should not be a non-priority for any organization.


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