Digital Marketing For Charity

Charitable Digital Strategy

Digital marketing for charity and other non-profits can be a complex process. Most organizations are not sure where to start, who to ask for help and how to make sure their limited marketing budgets are used efficiently and effectively.

You need to have a digital strategy put in place with intelligent and measurable goals. These goals may be:

  1. Number of website visitors
  2. Financial Donation goals
  3. Awareness of your brand
  4. Newsletter Sign Ups

Or any other internal or external goal you wish to measure.

For these reasons you should consider Hofford Digital as your best resource. We will help you to achieve the goals and mission of your charity.

The Good News

Did you know that your charity may be qualified to receive $10,000 per month in Google AdWords credits? That's right, free digital marketing for your charity or non-profit. No strings attached, no gimmicks, free.

The process for applying and getting started takes less than an hour. However, there are a few rules you have to follow when using the Google AdGrant money. This is where Hofford Digital comes in to manage your account and to ensure you are compliant with Google's policies. Otherwise you lose your access to the program permanently.

Many organizations try to manage their Google AdWords account themselves, but upon inspection during an audit it turns out they have been wasting thousands of dollars every month.

Don't waste your AdGrants money and do not run the risk of violating the Google AdGrants policies. We cannot stress this enough. You WILL BE BANNED BY GOOGLE. That means no more money for your organization every again.

Once you break the policies there is no appeals process with Google. That is why you need a professional digital marketing company like Hofford Digital to manage your account for success and compliance.

Digital Marketing For Charity

What Can You Use Your Free $10,000 On Each Month?

Ticket Sales For Fundraisers

Direct Donations to your organization

Advertising and Selling Merchandise as long as the proceeds benefit your organization

Branding and General Awareness

Upcoming Events and Promotions

Employment Opportunities - full time jobs and or internships

Advertise Volunteer Opportunities

Build email lists for future fundraisers and events

Drive traffic to your website

The possibilities are endless!

How Much Will It Cost Me?

To manage your Google AdWords (AdGrants) account Hofford Digital charges a flat monthly fee of $350. This is $100 off our regular monthly rate.

Don't worry, you won't have to start paying the management fee until Month Number Four (4)!

We understand your charitable organization already has a tight budget and we want to help you as best we can. During the first three (3) months you will begin to see the benefits of your free AdGrants money in the form of financial donations, traffic to your website, contact form submissions and your other goals.

Going into month four (4) paying $300 is a great value by all standards. The Google AdWords management fee breaks out into only a 3% management fee.

We love to help charitable organizations and 501-3c's but we have to maintain our own profitability too so we can keep helping and providing digital marketing for charities like yours.

If you think that may be out reach, call us anyways. We want to help and will work with you as best we can or come up with some alternative solutions for your charitable digital marketing needs.

Additional Digital Marketing For Charity

In addition to helping you build a comprehensive strategy to digital marketing for charity, Hofford Digital can also help you to enhance your other marketing efforts.

In many cases you will want to establish and maintain an Identity for your brand across multiple channels. If you already have an existing digital marketing or offline marketing strategy in place we can ensure everything is in sync and focused on the same goals.

Other digital marketing platforms and mediums are available including YouTube Marketing, Google Display Network Marketing, Remarketing, and more.


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