Dental Digital Marketing Strategies and Help

Digital Marketing For Dentists That You Can Trust

The Problem

Most dentists and dental office managers have been promised great results and new patients from multiple digital marketing companies in the past, but have usually been left burned or disappointed in the results.

The Solution

The first solution to your problem is Hofford Digital's transparent approach. Before any digital marketing campaigns begin or a payment is made you will have a full disclosure of where and how your money is being spent.

Free Tip - Always require your digital marketing provider to link your Google AdWords account(s) to your Google Analytics. This is how you can verify the actual dollar amount being spent each month.

The Value

There are no long term contracts. Every digital marketing service Hofford Digital provides is on a month to month basis. In the event that you need to lower your budget for a month or take a break in order to invest in another area of your business you will be free to do so. No penalties, no fees. Ever.

Dental Digital Marketing Services For Dentists

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

When a patient is looking for a new or local dentist what is the first thing they do? They Google it.

Search Engine Marketing is the process of paying for your business' ad to appear above the organic search results. This way the potential new patient sees your business name first before anything else.

This digital marketing strategy is particularly useful for dentists who do not have a strong SEO presence and want new patients today.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Where does your dental practice rank on Google or Bing right now? To get your business on the first page and to the top you need to have a strong SEO strategy.

Not every business can appear at the top of the results for the more generic search terms. For that reason we can show you other search terms that your business can more easily rank in the top spots for and gain valuable traffic to your website.

Display and Remarketing

Display banners can allow you to increase your brand's awareness in your local market at a very quick and affordable rate.

These display banners (the ads you see on any news or weather site) can be highly tailored to reach certain demographics and locations of your choice.

A segment of display banner marketing is Remarketing. This is the practice of showing your banner ads to people who have visited your website already. You are Re-Marketing to them to reinforce your brand, services and promotions.

If you are going to spend money bringing people to your website then Remarketing is an absolute must.